Children's Court of Western Australia

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About the Court

The Perth Children's Court began under the State Children's Act 1907 and operated within the City of Perth. After amendments, the Court was allowed to sit in the metropolitan area. The Perth Children's Court became known as the Children's Court of WA when the Children's Court of WA Act 1988 was passed.

Children's Court cases are heard throughout most courthouses in Western Australia.

Court structure

The Children's Court hears criminal matters involving young people (aged 10 to 17 years) who are accused of committing offences.

If a young person turns 18 after the date of the alleged offence, he or she will still appear before the Children's Court.

Witnesses who appear before the Court can be of any age.

The Children's Court includes the following judicial officers:


His Honour Judge Hylton Quail

Full-time Magistrates

Magistrate Stephen Vose
Magistrate Andrée Horrigan
Magistrate Catherine Crawford
Magistrate Wendy Hughes
Magistrate Sarah Dewsbury

Part-time Magistrate

Acting Magistrate Patrick Hogan

For information about the role of the President, magistrates and other court staff, visit the Courtroom Layout section.

Last updated: 16-Mar-2020

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