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Children's Court of Western Australia
Children's Court of Western Australia

Inside the Courtroom

These are the people that are in the courtroom.

The magistrate or judge hears the evidence and makes a decision on the matter before the court.

The judicial support officer or judge's associate records the proceedings and administers oaths or affirmations to people giving evidence in court.

The prosecutor explains the charges against the defendant and presents the facts and evidence to the court.

The youth justice service officer may meet with the accused and write a report for the magistrate or Judge. The youth justice service officer may be asked to provide the court with information on the defendant and his or her progress.

The defence lawyer represents the defendant. He or she explains the charges to the accused and speaks to the court on behalf of the accused.

The accused is the person who has been charged with an offence. The accused may also be called the defendant.

Last updated: 7 February 2023

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