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Protection Review Hearings

The President, Children’s Court of Western Australia has directed that the Department of Communities - Child Protection and Family Support (the Department) and all parties to the protection proceedings attend a Review Hearing in relation to cases which have a future trial listing.

There are a number of cases, which for a range of reasons, do not proceed on their allocated date. It is timely that a review of all cases listed for trial be held on a regular basis. This may provide for earlier listing dates to be offered to those cases requiring a trial, as cases are vacated due to successful negotiated settlements.

What will happen at the Review Hearing

There will be an opportunity to make a final effort to resolve the issues, to avoid the need for a trial.

If all of the issues can’t be resolved, the aim is to reduce the issues in dispute and the number of hearing days for the trial. This will also reduce the costs associated to the trial.

When will Review Hearings be listed?

The President will personally conduct the Review Hearings in courtroom 4, commencing on Monday 5 September 2016, listed on an as needed basis.

The listings will be scheduled at 1:30pm and 2:30pm. Each list will contain four (4) cases. Each case will be allocated approximately 15 minutes.

As multiple matters will be listed for a Review Hearing at specific times on the same day, it is important that parties arrive on time for their allocated hearing.

Why do all parties have to go?

All parties are required to attend the hearing personally, unless excused in advance by the President. If a party has a lawyer, the lawyer is also expected to attend, fully instructed in relation to the legal position for the case. 

All parties are encouraged to start further negotiations in relation to the matters remaining in dispute prior to the review hearing.

What do parties have to do before the Review Hearing?

The President requires that all parties:

  • complete a Review Certificate (Form PCREV)
  • lodge it with the Registry 3 working days prior to the Review Hearing, and
  • a copy of the Review Certificate must also be served (given) to the Department and all the other parties, including the Child Representative, if one has been appointed.

If you have not filed any documents prior to the Review Hearing and, it is determined at the Review Hearing that the trial will proceed, orders may be made for the filing of responding documents and affidavit evidence in support of your case.


  • the matter has settled or settles before the Review Hearing date, please contact the Listings Coordinator on 9218 0110 as soon as possible.
  • there is a need for the current trial date to be vacated, this information should be included on the Review Certificate.

The President will make the necessary procedural orders at the scheduled Review Hearing.

Last updated: 30-Apr-2019

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