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Government of Western Australia State Coat of Arms
Children's Court of Western Australia
Government of Western Australia State Coat of Arms
Children's Court of Western Australia

Transcripts and Court Records

A transcript is the written record of everything that everyone says in a court. A person involved in the case can make a request to look at the transcript or ask for a copy of it.

The Children's Court Act lists the people who can make a request for a court record.

The registry will contact you as soon as the transcript is available.


Fill out a Request for Transcript or Court Record Form and give it to the Perth Children's Court registry.

You will need the name and date of the court case. If you only want a certain part of the transcript, you will also need the start and finish times of the part you want.

Transcript fees

There is a standard fee for lodging a Transcript Request Form and also a fee for each page transcribed.

The fee per page is different depending on how soon you want the transcript. The quicker you want it, the more it will cost per page. The options are:

  • 1 day
  • 2 days
  • 4 days
  • 7 days
  • 14 days
  • Running transcript - as the case is happening.

See the Fees webpage for the current fees. You can apply to waive the transcript fee.

At the time you give your Transcript Request Form to the registry you will need to pay a deposit. The deposit is 75% of the estimated cost.

Last updated: 8 February 2023

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