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Trial Allocation and Review List

When cases cannot be worked out by an agreement between the parties, they must be decided at a trial.

The first step towards a trial is a hearing in the Trial Allocation List.

Cases on the Trial Allocation List can come from the general protection list. They can also come from a pre-hearing conference. The Trial Allocation List only has cases that are ready for trial.

The President of the Children's Court runs the Trial Allocation List once a month. The President also selects some cases for review.

These are usually cases that have been going on too long and there is no agreement and no trial dates. The Children's Court strives to finalise protection cases within 12 months.

You will be notified that the case is being brought before the President.

Listings in the Trial Allocation and Review list will start at the following times:

  • 9:30am
  • 11:30am
  • 2:15pm.

Each time slot will have six cases and each case will have about 20 minutes.

All the parties to a case must be at the Trial Allocation or Review hearing. Unless you have been given permission not to attend.

If you have a lawyer, they also have to be there. You should make sure your lawyer has all the updated information about the case.

You should keep trying to reach agreements with the Department of Communities. This will mean there are less issues in dispute when the case has the Trial Allocation or Review hearing.

Before the Hearing

The President requires the following from all parties.

Fill in a Trial Listing Callover Certificate.

Lodge it with the registry at the Children's Court at least three working days before the hearing.

You must give a copy of the Trial Listing Callover Certificate to the all the other parties. That includes the Child Representative if there is one.

In the case of a trial, the President will make orders about any papers that you have to file at the Court. These will be papers to support your case at the trial.

Any required documents must be lodged with the Children's Court registry. You must also give a copy of your documents to everyone involved in the case. Then complete an Endorsement of Service Form.

The President can make any other required orders at the Trial Allocation hearing.

Last updated: 10 April 2024

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