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Children's Court of Western Australia
Government of Western Australia State Coat of Arms
Children's Court of Western Australia


Witnesses in the Children's Court can be any age.

You might be a witness in a criminal matter or a protection matter.

If you are a witness you should:

  • Let the court know as soon as possible if you need an interpreter.
  • Take any documents to do with the case to court with you.
  • Take something to do at court while you are waiting to give evidence as you might have a long time to wait.
  • Talk to a lawyer or Legal Aid Western Australia if you need any advice about giving evidence.
  • Arrive at court on time and let the Court Officer know you are there.

Appearing in court as a witness

Wait outside the courtroom until the Court Orderly calls you to give evidence.

They will show you where to stand and tell you when to sit down.

You will have to take an oath or affirmation, which means you make a promise to the court that you will tell the truth.

If you do not want to be in the same room as the accused person, you can give evidence from another room using CCTV.  Everyone in the courtroom will see you on a TV screen in the courtroom.

If you would like to do that, you should contact the office who gave you the witness summons.

When you are giving evidence:

  • Try to stay calm and relaxed.
  • Let the judge or magistrate know if you need a break.
  • Keep your voice clear and slow.
  • Pay attention to the questions the lawyers ask you.
  • Ask questions if you don't understand something.
  • It is OK to ask for a repeat if you do not hear something.
  • Try not to leave anything out.
  • Ask the judge or magistrate for advice if you need to.

You might be able to have your expenses paid for coming to court. Contact the Prosecutor who arranged your attendance to authorise an Attendance Slip form. The Prosecutor can also provide more information if you need it. You may also leave your form at the Registry counter in the Courthouse for delivery to the Prosecutor.

Last updated: 10 April 2024

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